Free Ice Cream Today, Free Ice Cream Tomorrow, Free Ice Cream Forever! Testo

Testo Free Ice Cream Today, Free Ice Cream Tomorrow, Free Ice Cream Forever!

Amici 2017: le novità della prossima edizione
The biting, blowing cold
Cuts directly to my soul
My circulation slows
And I feel old
Until the spring
I'll be hating everything
Without a song to sing
Because you're not around

When you left did you say everything that you wanted to?
When you died did you do all the things that you meant to do?
Can you look it in the eyes when it comes for you?
Or will it never end?

One end with no cure
That's all we really know for sure
Don't let it pass you by
One chance to give
Live with your heart and don't give in
And we might live before we die

And daunting be our dreams
If we fear not of anything
Only love and revelry
Between these walls
Like the sunset that we mourn
When our friends have all gone home
That ebony clock
Will tick no more

And I've known so many saints
Some have gone and some have stayed
We've reached incredibly heights
Some have lived and some have died
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