The Swingin' Monogamist Testo

Testo The Swingin' Monogamist

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
This winter's filled with thoughts of you
All the same reminders; all the heartache we've been through
I shudder when I think back to those days
It was frosted glass and cigarettes in the car outside your place

We'd talk until our tongues fell out
I'd collect all your footprints in the snow
These days it's all I think about
I wonder why I just can't let you go

I walk down these haunted alleyways
The city lights and sewer steam like apparitions stay
Stuck in my mind like the candy lies that I feed to my self
Pin my dreams to wax made wings that are all destined to melt

We'd blaze a path right through these icy streets
And kiss beneath the red skied winter glow
But I'm here alone with no one next to me
I wonder why I just can't let you go
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