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Testo Too Epic For Words

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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You're too young to let this city destroy you
And you're too old to be afraid.
Don't believe the hype; we've so much left to live for.
You're much too strong to run away.

The sea is still and calm as it washes up on silent shores.
You can almost hear the snowflakes fall.
Beneath the streetlamps and traffic lights and blinking neon;
There's a symphony of hearts that call.

Don't let it carry you away.
Whatever gets you through today.
Just believe that it will come.
Whatever keeps you holding on.

And you'll make it,
Your way across the sea
And you'll live on
Even if it's without me.

So climb aboard, seafarer.
Wish well this sinking ship.

Scarica la suoneria di Too Epic For Words!
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