Eloquent Clown Testo

Testo Eloquent Clown

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You' re out of reach
and I'm choking on the distance
like a pilgrim with no place to rest
your's is the face that steals my breath
your's is the voice I can' t hear now

I'd like to meet your shadow
I'd like to spin her around
I only want to be your eloquent clown
but I feel like Ellen James when you come down

I drift off to sleep
but my spirit's growing restless
like a racehorse with no where to run
your's is the name that stings my tongue
you are the grace I dream of

In time you'll feel the same

You know I can't speak
and I' m stranded by this distance
like a pilgrim who craves heaven's test
your's is the name that stings my tongue
you are the place I dream of
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