April Weather Testo

Testo April Weather

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Keep that head held high
And dont you let them see you fall
Mistakes are blessings in disguise
Smile when everything falls
And laugh when you start to cry
Know Im here to wipe your eyes
You think that youre the only one
Who feels this way
Well kid, youve got a lot to learn
Everyone falls down too, you just never see it
What I see in you
Youre as cute as your smile
And as sweet as the rain
Dont listen when they say
You wont amount to anything
Cause I believe in you
I think that youre so pretty
And I think that youre nothing short from amazing
I think that youre so perfect
So perfect to me
Youre as cute as your smile
And as sweet as the rain

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