Corey Haim Testo

Testo Corey Haim

She's like a magazine cover with the face torn out.
Pretty on the shelf,
but there's nothing to read about.
We're going off the deep end (we're going off the deep end)

There's a long road waiting ahead.
She fell in love and then she hit her head.
She'd rather sleep in someone else's bed.

Choke down girl, swallow the pill.
Your life's rolled up in a dollar bill.
And you say, I'll give you your cheap thrill
Goin' off the deep end (goin' off the deep end) Goin' off the deep end.

Wake me up in the middle of the night.
Passed out and the phone's still ringing.
Have a drink and tell me what you're thinking.
So wake me up in the middle of the night.
Have another drink girl (Have another drink girl)

There's a 2-story fire escape.
You fell asleep and I made my break.
Cause I can't stand waking up with you for one more day.
Face down girl lying in bed.
Love is like a bullet in the back of the head with your name written on the end.

Going off the deep end (going off the deep end)
Going off the deep end.


We can make it if we stay just friends like Romeo and Juliet.
We could kill ourselves all over again, kill ourselves all over again.
Drink up, drink up you'll be just fine.
Have another drink of the rose blush wine and poison your lips all over again.



Wake me up.
Wake me up.
Wake me up.
Wake me wake me up
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