In My Memories Testo

Testo In My Memories

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Darkness silences us without words.
Emptiness is a comfort I can no longer afford.
Loneliness comes to us when we need it most.
Yet i hate every moment of it.

Rain falls as tears run down my face,
just know you'll be missed and never replaced.
You remain in my memories and in my heart.
Why did they take your life away?

Every morning I wake up I feel nothing inside.
Every night i sleep i have hurt inside.
Yet nothing i do can make it go away.
Sorrow haunts me deep within my soul.

You try to pick up the pieces and move on,
when it's someone close it's hard.
I visit you in my dreams everynight.
I place a rose on your grave when i can
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