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I loved you
and I tried..for 3 years..but I...
I need..some be for real
and I know it's killing you
to be without me now
it was bound to happen sometime

I just hate to be the one
to break your heart and tear your world apart
its feels so bad but feels so good
watching you walk away from me
I don't wanna hurt ya!
its for our own good
I miss you and I love you, goodbye

sorry, sorry, sorry for leaving you now
I tried so hard, so so hard
but I'm done trying
long nights, bad fights, all alone, all those nights
in my bed, you went out, I'm crying myself to sleep

I guess you didn't know
what I was about to do, to get through to you
but now that you do, it's just too late
I'm sorry but it's over!

Scarica la suoneria di It's Over!
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