One Good Reason Testo

Testo One Good Reason

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Timing such a bitch and the
distance such a pity
it's only been a week and I've been
drunk in every city
I've had it up to here but I try to
play it subtle
been keeping to myself, I've been
staying out of trouble

Last words spoken brought emotions
maybe just a little bit of hope and
with those words in mind I drink alone
with one good reason to come home

I've had it up to here but I figured:
better fake it
there's no place I'd rather be than
back in Copenhagen
the timing's such a bitch but I never
stopped believing
I get through the day knowing that
you really mean it

Long days and all-nighters
self chosen outsider roam
with one good reason to come home
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