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Testo Reasons

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
to the fucked up reasons
that keeps us getting around
once in a while we need them
to help us up when down

some are pretty good and some are not and some are great and some absurd
the reasons might be pretty messed up but whatever works
because one minute i'll be sitting in the corner having doubts
but the next i'm on a barstool doing shots while singing loud

i played these chords and sang these bitter songs
with no apparent reason or desire to go on
but when the lights go out we're still just having fun
so carry on, i'll cary on

some are pretty good and some are not and some are great and some just sad
but there's nothing to do but take the good times with the bad
cause while one night in copenhagen might just bring me to my knees
i'm still i''m loving every minute in a basement in dc
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