Don't Come My Way Testo

Testo Don't Come My Way

(T.Drevin / P.Hermansson / M.Karlsson)

If you´re looking for trouble, don´t come my way
Cause I´m on a mission, you´ll get hell to pay
Ain´t got nothing but a bottle of blues
You don´t understand walk a mile in my shoes

I´ve been around before
Don´t come my way

So you think I´m stupid, that I´d never care
Thought I´d never notice, how you stole my share
Don´t mean nothing but trouble to me
I see red cause you´re holding my fee

I´ve been around before
Don´t come my way

You crossed the line, when you tried to steal my dreams
I know the likes of you too well
You don´t know how it feels, cause that´s a piece of me
My childhood, my own history

Solo (Thomas/Mats)

You´re gonna need a truthdrug, to get your damn lies straight
Better watch your back, cause I´ll retaliate
Think you´re so clever, but you´re not home free
Just a piece of the puzzle of S.O.B´s

I´ve been around before
Don´t come my way
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