Electric Messengers Testo

Testo Electric Messengers

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
(Music: M. Karlsson, P. Olander; Lyrics: J. Lundholm)

Ol' mama was astonished
The air was cold and damp
The men outside her window
Were no ordinary tramps
They stopped upon the highway
Their heads fell to the ground
The house ol' mama lived in,
Just barely stood the sound

Ol' mama thought her life was over
What she had seen was so unreal
She closed her eyes and thought
“I'm getting older”
She didn't know they'd just begun

The radio was silent
The sheriff just left town
A shadow in the doorway
Not a human soul around
Neighbour Nellie had a runway
Couldn't stand the main attraction
Ol' mama kicked the shadow out
And headed for the action

She ran out and said “Now it's over”
You've been too long in this unknown land
Then she found out they were rock'n rollers
Now she knew they'd just begun

Listen to the barrier of sound
The pressure wave will life you from the ground

Ol' mama loved the way they sounded
Äcause what she heard was so unreal
She closed her eyes and thought
“I'm getting younger”
And she knew they'd just begun
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