Bullet For Every Enemy Testo

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Testo Bullet For Every Enemy

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
People ask me. Why do I put myself through this pain. Cause through this pain I gained the strength to carry on. Cause all my life I've dealt with conformed minds. That think small. Who'll never understand me. Ask why, as I'm crucified. But never to accep defeat. Mentally strong, can't get in my way. Cause I've been down that road before. Many lessons learned from the past. No defeat, unless you let it. You can't get in my way. Cause I've lost strength of mind. You can't get me down. I laugh as you try. A bullet for every enemy. Bullet for every try. A bullet for every enemy. Bullet for every try. Mentally strong. Strength of mind.

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