Wut We Doin'? Testo

Testo Wut We Doin'?

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Featuring Cap1

What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
What we doin'?
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it
What we doin'? What ya doin'?
What we doin'? What ya doin'?
What we doin'? What ya doin'?
What we doin'?
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it
Gettin' to it

[Verse 1]
I am giving to the moneys, Crocodile Dundee
VIP at the bank, I can go on Sundays
At the strip club, two girls in front of me
Bend over hut one, hut two, hut three
Polo on my drawers, Polo on my shirt
I put Polo on your bra b*tch, that Polo, Polo, Polo
Every time you see me takin' photo after photo
At the red light n*gga, photo after photo
Stretch to impress, snow on my chest
I don't like her if she got a 'fro between her legs
I'm a real n*gga, and b*tches like real
So you is what I ain't and it is what it is


[Verse 2]
Woah kemosabe, smokin' is my hobby
Woah kemosabe, big ballin' is my hobby
Woah kemosabe, I met her in the lobby
Then I took her to my room and I got that sloppy tappy
No matter what I'm doing, no matter where I'm going
I am so far ahead I'll see you n*ggas in the morning
Two chains on my first chain started cloning
If I die tonight I got a bank roll on me
Versace, cheese on my broccoli
Gold Rollie on all you watchin' all my watches
Stretchin' out like Pilates
Wash it in my condo, suicide doors
Rest in peace to my car door


[Verse 3: Cap.1]
Look, I am gettin' to that paper ma I'll see you later
Let the top back, all you see is gator
Bad b*tch with me, got my name on her
She got the five purse pussy, spare some change on her
All I do is f*ckin' rap and rap and f*ck some groupies
F*ck her with the camera rollin', make a f*ckin' movie
Everywhere I go I'm strapped, got that f*ckin' tooly
Shout out to all my n*ggas in the hood, every city I roll I'm Gucci
Whole team winnin', dough we spinnin', two liter sprite, OZs in it
Double cuppin' then double up got another chick she want to come for lunch
Got a best friend I made her roll up the blunts,
Down to (?) that check and let the ho keep choosin'
South side n*gga, ho we coolin'

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