There's Only One Kind Of Rock N' Roll Testo

Testo There's Only One Kind Of Rock N' Roll

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We are the boys of sin, putting our chips on bets that could never win, we are the rolling stones, the dead ramones, the untouchable boys from back home, she is a time bomb ticking trouble till the end, so lets burn this prairie state to the ground, honey if youve got the money then ive got the time, im giving up if youre giving in, id rather die than let you win, when youre on the run and theres a price on your head, any body feels right in a different bed, im dropping out and giving up, your selling out and living it up, im never making love in this city again, cause im a long shot girl, and hes a gun to the head

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