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Testo Obey

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
2mex produced by longevity
So heavenly
so long heavy d
The over weight lover is in the apartment
I hover over the hate of others
I don't know where their hearts went
Our hearts echo
Art deco
You tall gecko fall roman I saw (????)
Old mens suffer neck abrasions
I told them
I was tougher than neck anisa (?)
Heckle a nation
Like Fidel from seditious
i'm living America with infidels and their riches
A wizard or a witches
Even if their just lizards their still bitches
Mind switches
From topic to topic
Nine stitches from the optic
Dropkick redefines and blind follow me friend's laughter
Be kind to find that all of this ends after
You see that you're not the master
In the seas pop the master
And that's why the water is filled with salt
And that's why the slaughtering and the killing must halt
ahh call up and tell a clairvoyant
Your all up in hell I'm so there that it's annoying
I'm toying with you in my poem with heavy letters
I'm showing you how to be your own Che araveug
With out a beret my
Lyrics will let
I walk through the streets of Havana
And I'm a let
The infer red soak
Am I a victim of an infinite joke?
The reversal of the mirrors and smoke
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