Fireplug Testo

Testo Fireplug

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Last chance at dying young
Last love, I was never enough
Stand cold, and cast your stones

Drink, dry lip, lighting up
Stargazers, I don't give a fuck
It's all on hold from here

What comes easy to me is shit
Open your doors, just let me in
Fuck it, I'll sleep on the floor, in the cold

A place doesn't make you who you are
Fuck fate. Bring your own drinks back to the bar
The whole world is waiting

Let the wounds start to mend
Let them heal, let it begin
And let love follow for where you've been
Let it be what it needs to be
Dress nice for the casualties
Let love look for you where you'll be

The world's still waiting
You're young, then you're old, then you die
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