Just Me And My Canseco Rookie Card Testo

Testo Just Me And My Canseco Rookie Card

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
We're all just bored, in flesh
Spit-up right here, and out on my walls
The meaning of life
Forgetting you back

All I need
I'm all I need

Believe the words we say
When I was busy running away
The Badlands came for me,
When I was busy running away

Which words to say? Who am I without you?
No drag, no pull, no pain.
Keepsakes, better thrown away
Suck smoke the air, and vomit signals out in the street

In the end it felt deserted, where I scored for a piece of me
Let the cans be a marker where I buried my dignity
Open mouth kiss and wash up like shit from the sea
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