Lips To The Ground Testo

Testo Lips To The Ground

Rubbing elbows, top button bottom shelf.
Keep your lips to the ground and an ear to the sky
while I try to taste the hell.
Call it a miracle, cut the ribbon with your teeth.
Dig a hole 3 deep, and bury the kids
while I piss away everything

That made me love, made me laugh, made me whole

All this time, I've been here waiting.
Take me all the way, all the way.
Is it obvious? Is it all misleading?
Take me all the way, all the way

And I can't shake the feeling, that I could get it back again
The thunder and the meaning, the close ties with closer friends
And I can't shake the feeling, that I didn't try my best
And my life will never be as complete as all the rest.

Head to heart, you're fucking up
And I followed it here on a sinking ship

I'm gonna quit one day. I'll quit one day.
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