Born Again Testo

Testo Born Again

Don't look now, god floats through outer space
Jettisoned from earth and human grace
Ping Pongs through the nebular of the great milky way
Drifting past the galaxies like superman gone up, up and away

Monkey falling down from monkey tree
Monkey name the things that monkey see
Names for food and dirt and fire, the sky and the rain
Some for things that monkey sees and some for things that monkey can't explain

I believe it now
I can feel it now
I can see it now

Don't look now, god falls through outer space
Curse the monkey for the human race
Thinks way back before Nietzsche and Darwin, the old glory days
Now he's scared all trembling limbs, now he moves in some mysterious way

I believe it now
I can feel it now
I can see it now

Can you hear me now
Can you feel it now
Can you hear me now

Believe it now
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