Touchin On My Testo

Testo Touchin On My

(Tou-touchin on my)

Girl I gotta know (know)
How you dance like that (dance like that)
You dance like you're putting on a show (show)
Can I take you back (back)
Take you back (back)
I just gotta ask you to
Show me yours
I'll show you mine (mine)
Don't you worry
You're too fine
We got one thing on our minds
And we've got plenty of time

Girl, I gotta go
I'm finished with the show
If you
I won't say no
Tou-tou-touchin on my...
While I'm touchin on your...
You know that we are gonna...
Cause I don't give a...

I can't get you out of my mind (my mind)
The way you walk (walk)
The way you walk (walk)
The way you walk
Baby, you should be a sign (sign)
The way you make me stop (stop)
Make me stop (stop)
Make me

Cause some like fast and some like slow (slow)
Ladies come and ladies go
Skip the tell and let's just go (go)
Cause I want you to know

Chorus (x3)

Babe you know I want you
Want you want you now
You know you want me
Want me want me now
Cause there's not that much
To figure out
So baby let's get down

Chorus (x3)
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