Karmakaze Testo

Testo Karmakaze

(Words and Music by: Z. Walters)

Karma, Karma, Karma, is gonna get you
Karma, Karma, Karma, is gonna tackle you
No matter how hard you try to hide, well

You better watch your stabbing backs
Two years later suffer heart attack
And the way that you walk my dog
You better watch your walks in the fog
Cause karma, karma, karma is gonna get you
No matter how hard you try to hide well, well, well

Bulldozing into the ocean
Causing motion
Such a nappy ass potion
Spreading the notion
That spreading your lotion
Across the land
Make for a positive promotion
Destruction leads to more construction,
at the beginning there is selection
But at the end my friend there's absolutely
No protection, from karma, karma, karma ...
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