Nevar Testo

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Testo Nevar

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So let you shine.

Verse 1-
I need to take some time off just to talk to you. I wanna tell you exactly how I feel. I wanna tell you the bits and pieces of every emotion. I face the facts that somedays we'll have our disagreements, but that'll never push me away. That'll never keep me away from you.

I'll always be with you. I'll always comfort you. I'll always stand by your side when you need me...side when you stop.

I know you'll never....leave me to dry.
And I know you'll follow me...cuz everything seems right.
Now I'm stronger than ever...stronger.
Cuz I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Verse 2-
Ask for anyone better... better...
Everytime I think about you I'm dreaming.
About where we'll be when we're older.
I have faith in what I see. Only positive things we'll be from you.



You. You're the sunshine on my face.
You. You're the sunshine through the clouds.
You. You're the highlight of my life.

I know you'll follow...follow

I'll help you to follow. right?

I know you will follow me. (x3)
I know you will follow.

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