He Never Changes Testo

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Testo He Never Changes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You stand there abandoned
Your Friends have all gone
Fair-weather companions
Have left you all alone
This world full of changes
Has cut to the heart of your soul
But through all of the pain
Only Jesus remains
And in each situation you know

He never changes
He's always the same
Through all the ages
He always remains
Forever constant
Forever a friend
Forever faithful
His love knows no end
He never changes
He's always the same

A God so amazing
I can't comprehend
The depth of His mercies
Such grace that has no end
I'm awed by the thought
That I'm formed in the image of Him
But my humanity
Brings me down to my knees
And I find that's
When His strength begins

As surely as the summer breezes Come and go
There's a cold and lonely winter Wind
That's bound to blow
But through the turning of the seasons
You will never have to be alone
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