The Gift Of Slumber Testo

Testo The Gift Of Slumber

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Put out the lights,
and now forever will be here
just two more moments of death,
then all this sickness dissapears,
into a blackness,
and now ill see this all go home,
and take its time with killing me,
this death is painless and so slow
and words were ringing through my heart,
and tearing open wounds apart,
like spanning lifetimes spent within,
its not what i wanted,
sleep isnt very far from now,
a gift sending all this out some how,
now its all over and ive gone away.

im telling myself this is real,
how hard was all this world to feel,
im thinking all these lies will help,
the reasons why i fear myself

all these words that i write,
i spend weeks of saddened nights,
to take my heart down to ink,
and try to stay awake for this,

take my heart with you,
ill never know tears from you,
and ill kick and stay awake,
i am slumbers gift to take

and words were never more chemical
just one more peaceful wilting breath
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