Thugg Love Testo

Testo Thugg Love

(feat. Mista Madd)

Thug love 2003, all I want is a down woman
And I'll treat you like a queen, I promise
But first you gotta have God in your life
For us to make it, peep this

[50/50 Twin]
You been on your cycle, almost a week
Jump in the shower, dry off let's freak
Ride this piece, like you riding a Lexus jeep
I study your body, come on teacher test me
Riding it slow, while you moaning low
The sound of your voice, make my piece go long
Thug love, is all I can give
Hop in the drop, watch One Life to Live
Broke or not, you ride by my side
Taking pride, in 50/50 Twin ride
You no gold digger, you just glad I'm shining
I'm not a trick, but you deserve a diamond
Come off the block, stretched out toe time
My potatoes smashed, and my chicken is fried
I appreciate, the affection you show
Your smile is pretty, your personality glow

[Hook: Mista Madd x2]
Tell me what you think, about a thug like me
If you're a real woman, then I'll treat you like a queen
You're even independent, with your own money
But if you're non-dependent, you'll get none from me

[50/50 Twin]
You can have my heart, but I'm cold hearted
Blame it on, the last broad I departed
This song, is for all real women
A mama and two sisters, I feel women
I know what a woman want, like Mel Gibson
Forget the make-up, go on wear your clear skin
Lay on the bed, as I massage your leg
Return the favor, cause you gave me some head
You not a freak, you just love you some of me
Let's take a trip skinny dip, on Palm Beach
Keep you in my vecinity, arm reach
You know one thang I can't stand, a crumb leach
If loving you is wrong, then I'm right
The one I like, I love when the time right
Won't hold you down, like a string flying kites
Or keep you in the house, cause I know you down tight

[Hook x2]

[50/50 Twin]
Other women, want to be in your shoes
They weren't willing, to pay those dues
The best relationships, start as friends
Ain't no I love you, soon as it begins
Strings attached, if it's meant it'll be
After we married, will it last we'll see
I will refrain, from domestic violence
That means no black rings, around your eyelids
Sorry to you baby mama, by the way
All the times I hit you, still you stayed
We even tried, to pray and pray
We worshipped eachother, God looked the other way
I ain't trying, to pull no Ja Rule
I'm just a wise man, use to be fool
This is for all my down women, I'm out
Fat ugly or skinny, dime piece or not

[Hook x2]

[Mista Madd]
I'm just a thug baby
Need some loving lady
I'm just a thug baby
Need a lil' loving baby
A woman like you
A thug like m
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