The Realness Testo

Testo The Realness

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So here I stand,
As the end result of my failed plans
And I'm feeling as if the air we breathe
Is nothing like the way it used to be.
As circumstances change I've become
A product of my own environment.
I soon discovered this world to be
The teacher that I never wanted it to be.

Gotta redefine the wrong and right
12 years of my life no longer apply
No more expectations of who I am or where I'm at.
I've finally found my place, and I know this where
I'm gonna be.
So trust me when I say. I believe the only real home
Is where my heart can find peace. this is where I'm free

I've been brought to the realisation
We all go our different way
I've never heard so many promises
Made with such contempt
When this is everything
I never thought my life could be
All the faces that we left behind, don't mean a thing to me
Nothing to me
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