Lost Our Trust Testo

Testo Lost Our Trust

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Telling lies, making promises that they can't keep
left or right they're all the same to me
lost faith in the people that are here to lead us
one way or another they always seem to let me down
people suffer, see frustration building up
acts of racism and crime is what comes out of this
time to act against the problems that we're facing
try to prevent a generation from going down the drain
empty words and broken promises has got to end
get your credibility back before it's too late
a change of scenery is something that we all need
lost our trust it's time for you to gain it back
you gotta shapen up pull your shit together
can't fuck with our lives forever and ever
put our trust in you to make things work
and what do you do you go act like a jerk
i will never put my trust in you
cause i can so easily see you through
with your empty words and broken promises
promise one thing and you give us this
can't go on with our lives on hold
ordinary people left out in the cold
your worlds of lies are about to crack
you lost our trust it's time to gain it back
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