Time To Chill Testo

Testo Time To Chill

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's that time again, to take things slow
I'm gonna tell you something you might already know
You know the way we are hasn't taken us far
and we never planned to become superstars
Appreciate what you got, while it's there
you can't always worry 'bout where to go from here
Gotta take time to chill and then lay low until you feel
like getting back at it out of own free will

Enjoy the finer things that you got going in life time to sit back and relax
You know that you really should give a shit but you don't give a fuck
Cause it's time to chill

Wait hold it now, is this the way to be
when it is this clear I thought we all would see
Saying we're all the same is just so lame
and I don't want no part in this ungoing game
Gotta shapen up, if not we're dead to many people acting
like there's something wrong with their heads
Take time to chill lay low go with the flow
it would create such a smoother world if we all did so
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