Stupid Me Testo

Testo Stupid Me

Its been so long you havent seen
Youve been so wrong youve been so me
you know your're so full of shit
the time went by you let us know
the time went by your're tellin us so
you know your're a bastard every bye yeah

well my friend you can call me anytime
just call me on the phone she said
Im waiting for you yeah,ee,yeah
and my friend you can call me anywhere
she promised it was lame
she said shes bleeding for you

when you blow me off
your're callin me an asshole
thats how I take it
thats how I am

well my friend you can call me anytime
and my fiend you can call me anywhere
hangin out relyin on the floor
shes gone away for something more
the only answer more yeah,yeah,yeah
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