Caller #10 Testo

Testo Caller #10

[DJ:]Hey, hey, hey, this is D.D. Deda, hello your caller ten.

[Tajuana Screams.]

[Tajuana:] I won, I won, I won!

[Yells in background.]

[Tajuana:]Y'all shut the hell up!
[DJ:]Hey, what's your name?
[Tajuana:]Tajuana from Brentwood! What I won?
[DJ:]Well, you just won that sixty-nine splat pack.
[Tajuana:]For real?
[DJ:]Oh yeah, this includes first class round trip train fare
and two tickets to Ding-A-Ling Land.
[Tajuana:]For real?
[DJ:]Where they have all kind of rides and fun, fun, fun.
Such as the Totem Pole, the Back-Breaker, and the Long Stroker
Roller Coaster!
[DJ:]And guess what?
[DJ:]They got three dollars off coupons at Thicken Wangs, Chicken
and Thangs. Thang it aint, mayn.
[Tajuana:]Them thangs sho' be good!
[DJ:]You and your guests will be staying at the Peek-A-Boo Motel
on the corner of 69th and West Ding-A-Long Boulevard.
So, baby, don't miss that train!
Tajuana:What the hell? Hey, wrinkle it baby.
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