Look At Me Testo

Testo Look At Me

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Look at me
What can you see
Can you see a girl alone sitting under a tree
Wiping her tears away
Choked up inside got nothing to say

Look at me
What do you see
If you just try to look inside, yeah the inside of me
I feel so alone in a crowd
Silent though I wanna scream out loud

Can't you really see me
Why can't you ever ever feel me
I'm lying so close to you
And I'm dying to get close to you
But you don't notice me

Silly me
Hoping for something
Something I know that wouldn't come, yeah
And still I believe
You would smile at me one day
Be there to wipe all my tears away

Repeat Chorus

Please smile at me one day
Listen to what I have to say

Repeat Chorus Two (2) times
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