Jealousy Testo

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Testo Jealousy

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
They say you're bad for me.
they say you're no good
don't want us happy,
i say its jealousy,
they're just wishing they
could be me

they say we'll break up,
why don't i just wake up
i say they're full of
envy and jealousy
they're just wishing they
could be me

[verse 1]
it's like i hear it everyday
how you gon dawg me out
don't know what they're talkin bout
they don't even know you
they tell me you're caught up in the streets
as if they follow you
watching you every move
they have too much extra time on their hands

[hook repeats]

[verse 2]
I don't even look at them as friends
more so acquaintances
just can't be trusting these chicks
they're so quick to backstab you
it's happened to me many times, plant seeds of doubt
and try to take what's rightfully mine
but i can see right thru their attempts
trying to turn me against, you

i don't see why they can't just leave us alone
instead of always trying to break up, our happy home
you'd think they wanna find a love of their own
but they don't

[hook repeats till end]
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