Segue Testo

Testo Segue

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
If I was ever to run
Back to the place I came from
I'd pack my bags and take the next chance out of town
If some voice inside told me
That this is what it would be
I'd think those thoughts again and surely turn them all around

Hold on to the plans I found
I built a home up from the ground

Take it back to closed off hiding spot
Hate to say it but this might hurt a lot
It's so hard, It's so hard
I'm trying to stare into space

Run it off to an open resting spot
Don't just sit there and count the pretty dots
It's so wrong, It's so wrong
I'm forcing another mistake

If I was forced to go back
I'd find myself right on track
But then I would not ever see the last result
There's only one more option
It's hiding far away and
I always said that I could do it, brace myself for the jolt

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