Racism Sucks Testo

Testo Racism Sucks

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Do you think that all blacks are niggers?
Ignorance is an attitude
You wallow in your racist stupor
Have you really stopped to think?
Do you believe in the K.K.K., do you think White Power rules today?
Would you like to shoot a white man dead, would you like to bust
a black man's head - No way!

In England there's the National Front, headstrong bunch, these fuckin' cunts
With Webster as their figurehead, they liberate Hitler as he lies dead
They think they're so bloody tough, paki-bashing ain't enough
Martin Webster like the K.K.K., map out all the plans his own way

Racism sucks [x6]
Racism fucking sucks!

Some black folks call the white race scum, cos they think we are the only ones
Who only live in prejudice, while a lot of blacks live just the same
Do you really judge a man, by the color of his skin
You got the color, you got no right, to fuck up everybody else's life


Kill, kill the K.K.K. Destroy Martin Webster!
Kill, kill the K.K.K. Destroy Ronald Reagan!
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