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Testo What's Going On

You don't realize that this situation is slipping out of our hands. But we don't understand how important is the healt of our earth. Sooner or later she'll rebel and the sea will swallow every man and every bit of indifference. So you must think now every tin thrown off is just another minute less. But we don't understand and we make the sea an oiled killer sheet, all the fishes dead floating, but you don't care about the future of this world so you will do forever. What's going on to this helpless world that humans are destroying with its pollution, a sort of self destruction. What's going on to this helpless world that humans are exploiting with indifference, we will pay the consequence, but tomorrow it will be too late... So we won't care about the futre f our sons 'cause we won't live forever. And tomorrow we'll repent but we're never coming back. Then we'll say: "Why did we think about before?" Only a man with its hypocrisy in this world so it's better sitting on the grass and breathe the air until the lungs... we will understand that we are wrong... let's go!

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