Called Out Testo

Testo Called Out

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
You cropped off all your hair
and bought a pair of boots
sportin flash and fashion
before you learned the roots
flaunting sketchy politics
just trying to start some shit
you disgrace the culture
you fuckin make me sick

you've been called out
you've got no pride
you've been called out
grow up and be a man
you've been called out
get out while you still can

take a hard stance
about things that you hate
you never proved yourself
you steal and imitate
you only got a backbone when your crews around
alone on the street you don't make a sound

ya dance around politics
don't take me for a ride
i got more respect for boneheads
at least they pick a side
it's all racist bullshit
white, asian or black
you've been called
so watch your fuckin back
so run and fucking hide
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