Stay Up! (viagra) Testo

Testo Stay Up! (viagra)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Kanye West)

Stay up (uh), Stay up
Stay up, Stay up
Stay up (yeah), Stay up, Stay up (I'm, Lovin)
Stay up, Stay up, Stay... (Viagra)
Stay up, Stay up (Yeah), Stay up, Stay up...

[Kanye West:]
It's Kinda crazy right...

What she got is so Niagra
Make a young nig*a straight need Viagra,
Make a old nig*a give keys to Jaguar, just to keep from all the tease and laughter. Her tellin her homegirls that he couldn't stay up, in the restaurant with her voice way up
Please keep it discreet, keep the business outta the skreet
She said I would if he'd a handle biz up in the sheets.
Pop off like a thang, thang he keep, keep... And Everytime that she bang, bang he skeet skeet
And he so Bull headed he tried to three peat. Try imaginin, somethin passionate between you, Cassie and Kim Kardashian
Maybe that'll work when you get to hit that ass again
Or you can grab a red bull and sip that trice
Now ya'll can have sexy-time, it's nice!

Stay up (uh), Stay up
Stay up, Stay up
Stay up (yeah), Stay up, Stay up (I'm, Lovin)
Stay up, Stay up, Stay... (Viagra)
Stay up, Stay up (Yeah), Stay up, Stay up...

[Kanye West:]
Man this is classic, Call the National Geographic
Her a** is African but her eyes so Asian
Plus the waist thin, times a wastin
This some good pu**y dog, please don't waste it
You said fu*k that man, I'm gon' tape it
And Came fore' you barely even got the tape in
She had the maid outfit it's all in her apron
I know a friend who got drunk and claimed a fat bit*h raped him

I heard that bit*h hate men and she cover up her crotch
But she love to show her girls like Sanaa Lathan
And she throwin passes like Troy Aikman
And she really into twisted facts like false statements
He's into twistin backs by throwin his weight in
But she ain't waitin for him to rise to the occasion
He's like be paitient, this a contact sport
So you can save your pep talk, give me that oral support and
Stay up...

Stay up (uh), Stay up (she said you couldn't)
Stay up (way up), Stay up (and why you don't)
Stay up (yeah), Stay up (uh), Stay up (I'm, Lovin)
(I know you gotta) Stay up, (you know you gotta)
Stay up (I need that), Stay... (Viagra)
Stay up (uh), Stay up (Yeah), (she told me please to) Stay up...

So he is all up in that. I mean he is doin back flips and breaststrokes up in this girl. I mean shit is slidin, it's gettin fu*kin hot in here... ok? !
And this... is where things... take a turn... for the worse.
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