Everybody Loves Me Testo

Testo Everybody Loves Me

Tiziano Ferro annuncia il nuovo album: "Il Mestiere Della Vita"
Everybody loves me but me ooh ooh ooh ooh eee
feel so big but then I'm small
wrote the writing on the wall
and I'm just looking out for me

everybody needs me but me ooh ooh ooh ooh eee
I got the big old fashioned head
I can't believe what It just said
and it's just looking out for me

but when my heart was good I knew I had it coming
my love was long and sick and tired of running
and i'd get hot just thinking about my dreams

feeling hazy like tired and lazy like
anybody can
feel the need to know where I need to go
there's gotta be a plan
now I'm older too and all I wanna do
all I need to know
does it got to be so slow

someone to say hey you're o.k. see
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