I Don't Care Testo

Testo I Don't Care

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
8h00 you wake up you are always on the phone
last night you drunk ,and you're spirits in not OK
every day is the same thinks, I'm real fade of you
now life the time to take your seriously

and I said “ho.....
this is my life and I don't care

now the time come for me
you are with another guy
all my life was like, was hopeless, yes it was
to have girls for money
and a loser for my parents
I just want to say “ goodbye dud and my fucking friends”

I just want be a good guy to ,lot's of beer and a smile of you
I don't care about people say ,fucking lies every fucking day
Punk music is all I want to do ,my guitar more beautiful than you
So I say I don't want to change my life
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