Change Of Heart Testo

Testo Change Of Heart

When I saw you standing there I knew it was you.
We havent talked in two long weeks, so what should I do?
What should I do?

My heart is racing, theres no escaping emotions that Im feeling.
I need to tell you Im better without you,
its something that you need to know.
But its so hard to let you go.

We thought of our childrens names, laughed and played games.
You and me forever, but a change of heart, weve grown apart.
Maybe weve just grown up, weve just grown up.

I wake up everyday and know that Im okay,
happy for you cause youre happy.
And I know that there is someone out there waiting for me.
Just like I am waiting for her.
Im waiting for her.

Its a change of heart, weve grown apart.
I want you to be happy.
Its a change of heart, weve grown apart,
or maybe weve just grown up.
Were growing up
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