Without You Testo

Testo Without You

So was it you and the way you treated me?
Or was it love that drove me crazy?
The time has set my heart away.
I had to leave, I had to leave soon.
Look at now, I'm onto better things.
Going on with what my life brings.
I know I'll find my way, I know I'll find my way.

Look at now, you ain't shit all alone.
With no more guys bowing at your throne.
Cause that chick has now been set free.
I'm glad it's me, I'm glad it's me who
has a girl that only loves me and
isn't up around just trippin' until three.
I know I'll find my way, I know I'll find my way.

You picked me up then you threw me down.
You ran away and you messed around.
How can I love that? It's not even real.
You've left before and it's no big deal
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