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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[feat. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar]

Yeah give respect to the [?] finger
I've been pushed that line sice great school of fools
We touch down bitches they wanna fuck now
But they can't get it she got ass with a nose like [?]
Pimping my pimping they never scared
Got really stay pcer there and hustle over here
There nigga tryin to take it he gonna fake it till he make it
Shawty break em like a bracelet
Real tongue, here don't you snitch if you get cut
You already know if you do then you dare
And now niggas in the hood trading cush for your baby mama throat
But suck it up bitch deal with it
Ain't' no [?] Bangin bitch for the [?] 'cause yeah I'm the dropand the shooter [?]
[?] hey you mother fuckers get at me

There you mother fucker get out me

See I grow up with the blew team before there awas a [?] stream
Seen a lot of niggas knocked out over shoes [?] since the 90s I'm [?]
Here with this career until I'm in the hill after [?]
With this mike like mike when he was black and you
You and mamy and me when I was [?]
I bring [?] and bring drama like an actor
I'm so hot you would think that I'm a rapper

You think that I got a [?] It really doesn't matter
Producer release the rapper he's the former I'm the [?]
Spacing out this bar so you niggas cloud climb on
I proved that you could still make [?] and keep it [?] Strong
Put out the industry is hotter than micropghone
Is beat the main stream [?] the nightmare
See the entire everything cool still [?]
'Cause the right no rules

My nigga way out ha
Photo cutless and nothing [?] For your luggage
Down trap you [?] To the public we don't believe shit
Believing that not [?] Will not [?] And you rapped them
Should have caused respect them
Make especially with my mental [?] never start the [?]
And getting fuck em and getting nothing [?] my way that [?]
Fuck of your [?] my life party [?] about fortune advice
That the [?] I dressed softly [?]
And your [?] you can't do properly fight
Everybody's watching alright then my [?]
[?] if you can't got my ship [?] a life here inside
Hey man now what you [?] not here [?] Your babies [?] Depth
Son son
Son son
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