All That Never Happens Testo

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Testo All That Never Happens

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
She walks alone on the brick lane,
the breeze is blowing.
A year had changed her forever,
just like her gray home.

He used to live so close here,
we'd look for places I can't remember
The world was safe when she knew him,
she tried to hold him, hold on forever.

For all that never happens
and all that never will be,
a candle burning for the love we seldom keep.

The earth was raw in her fingers,
she overturned it.
Considered planting some flowers,
they wouldn't last long, no one to tend them.

it's funny how these things go,
you were the answer to all the questions.
The memories made her weary,
she shuddered slowly, she didn't want to.

As a distant summer he began to whisper,
and threw a smile her way
She looked into the glass,
liquid surface showing
that they were melding, together present past.

So where can I go from here?
The color fading, he didn't answer
She felt him slip from her vision.
She tried to hold him, hold on forever.
So close forever, in a silent frozen sleep.

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