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Testo Tension

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Frail hinges pivot
on a cases door
souvenirs from places
containers change
with each occasion

Cellophane encased
displaying paper
credit years of service
a tool of
central enterprises

The early hope
for permanence the
words the rings
and social security the
miracles high tragedy

A thought mistaken
for a memory
clear the dust from
smiles in boxes
cross a patterned floor
recall the voices

Local posts they
list your friends
in order of
lawn scattered tins
feed birds the
portion baked for
absent guests

Mass edition icon
god sent comfort is
your salvation
but who grants
absolution for sins
that never were committed

makes a tangle
of each thought becomes
sound never penetrate
as servile edges
break and faint

Dress lenghts
fractured family ties
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