While You're Praying Testo

Testo While You're Praying

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
help me jesus save me from this mind you gave me
i'm holding on but self-control will soon betray me
and when it's gone live in fear cuz nothing stops me
it's not my fault won't take the blame
it's your god who made me
so while you're praying for your dreams
i'm lurking in the shadows preying on your screams
had enough time to strike at the helpless victims
two kinds of people in this world
the weak and those who eat them
born to kill got the skills from my uncle sam
you know my pleasure is your pain
it makes me who i am
tested time and again by useless fucks
now you want to step up and try your luck
before you blink your eyes you'll pay for your crimes
crucified and left to die it was assisted suicide
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