Go Down In A Fight Testo

Testo Go Down In A Fight

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Verse 1
Close your eyes, hold on tight
You're gonna make it
Rewind back to when you were young
Can you remember?
Trace back the innoncence that was lost
But can you find it?
Go down swinging, go down in a fight
-Verse 2-
Tell me true, tell me that, that you love him
Honestly, does he let you understand
That you can make it
Just take my hand
-Repeat Chorus X3-
And i'm not trying to write fairy tales
Cause girl you know their all lies
He says "you're great", that's wonderful
But can you see past his disguise...
-Verse 3-
You're an angel that's fallen from the stars
And they all want you...just look at your scars
-Chorus 2-
I swear you'll make, I swear you will
Give 'em hell kid, I'll be right there for you
It's alright, it'll be ok if you cry on my shoulder
Just let your tears fall on me
And realize, that all that glitters was never gold
It was your eyes
-Verse 4-
Now the crowd is wathin, watchin for you to fall
Give 'em hell kid, do it for us all
I told you once, i told you twice
Make a mistake and it'll cost a life...
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