Sing Me A Song Testo

Testo Sing Me A Song

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well maybe I try too hard for you
Yea, its just like me to do that
When common sense isnt the best choice
There needs to be one more voice
Day after day Im astounded
Of what you see in me
Beneath the skin-deep lies a hero
Waiting to come set you free
Here we are tonight
And it all seems right
From too many chances
How lost was I
Fore you came in my life
I feel the best when we come alive
I stayed up late last night
Thinkin for once in my life
Are my words all but useless in time-consuming days?
Or do they just help me get by?
Everyone swears that Im crazy
Well maybe Im crazy for you
When everything stays the same I change it
And Ill change it again

here it is shelby...haha. i heart you love!
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