Enjoying Myself Testo

Testo Enjoying Myself

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I like enjoying myself
I like enjoying you too
I like enjoying myself at parties
and so do you

we like enjoying ourselfs

some people ask am I enjoying myself
I say
I havent decided yet I'm just enjoying myself
and maybe
you can enjoy me too
I'm just enjoying myself

i would not like to play chess
with a man in a vest
unless he was wearing a statson?
im goin into the forest now as my pills shall be taking effect soon

now im here with my friends and we are taking some drugs
its so fun we shall be taking some more soon

I just like enjoying myself
sometimes i wish i was wrong so i could dream i was right
that the outside?
and maybe you can join me for the rest of the night
im just enjoying myself
and maybe for the rest of the right
i said maybe baby for the rest of the night
i said maybe you can enjoy me for the rest of the night
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