Do It Testo

Testo Do It

I just I just wanna see you do it. I'm a freak and I wanna see you do it. Do it do it. I'm a freak and I wanna see you do it do it do it [x2]

[Ray Al:]
I'm hipnotized damn shawty got an ass on her no way she do it make me wanna throw some cash on it I throw my 1 while she sliding down the pole now it's money on the floor money on the floor I think I need a dance give me that private dance. She treat me like the man cause she know I got them bands. Well damn a bust that pussy open like bam I wanna do you make that booty clap with no hands I looking like them hips between your lips need a kiss. I tell her like I like it when she do it like this she get straight to it I love the way you do it and if you're feeling lucky we can do it do it do it


[S m p:]
You wanna make me happy make that pussy smile she's a fan favorite please every crowd now bust it open for the bedroom boss back seat champ get it wet I'm the man. Work that ass while your juking on my joy stick I love your employment it makes me so horny with every dollar I'll be grading your performance like a hybrid I like your endurance. And that pussy gon need insurance cause I'm a take it to the hole like jordan and I'll be meeting a lot of you when I'm touring so you know what it is when I hit the door like


[Young Tone:]
I'm trying to see you get it poppin on a handstand Listen I am the man Girlfriend what you know about it All fours Head down with your ass out And when she shake it I'm gon spank it like a bad child ha and I'm just trying to see you work it shawty twerk it like she dancing with a purpose throw a couple grands lil mama you deserve it get it like a pro no flaws shes perfect we got the the vip peas jumping like a pogo exotic lap dance she grinding on me slow mo tatted on her back first string was the logo told her bring it back like a yoyo and I wanna see you do it

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